Lady Sonia Wanks Off Young Apprentice In ‘The Nineteen Year Old Electrician’

Lady Sonia Wanks Off Young Apprentice In XXXXXXXXX

Lady Sonia Wanks Off Young Apprentice In 'The Nineteen Year Old Electrician'

Lady Sonia dressed in silk robe and stockings, wanks off a young apprentice tradesman when he visits her house in ‘The Nineteen Year Old Electrician’.

Lady Sonia’s husband Charles arranged for the electrician to call round to survey the mansion for some new socket wiring, but it was his 19 year old apprentice that called one morning while Sonia was at home.

Sonia likes to get dressed late, and opened the door to greet the young man, still attired in her silk robe, stockings and heels.

Sonia guided him to the parts of the house that required the extra plug sockets, and while she showed him around, her silk robe slipped and revealed her naked breasts. Of course, this was a deliberate tactic by Sonia, as she had taken quite a fancy to the chipper young man, and obviously wanted to get into his pants.

So as they chatted, Sonia made sure he had no doubt about her attraction towards him, giving lots of views of her stockinged legs, and indulging in some double entendres during their conversation in the kitchen.

Sonia was particularly interested to know if he had any other workmates that would come round to help with her sockets, and if her kitchen top would take the weight of their tools?

Demonstrating to Sonia just how much weight her kitchen top could take, the apprentice electrician climbed onto it, and she couldn’t help but notice the bulge in the front of his trousers.

Offering to relieve the tightness around his bulge, Sonia undid his fly, pulled down his trousers and started rubbing the outline of his stiff penis through the material of his underwear.

Being an expert at taking young men in hand, Sonia pulled down his underwear, and began wanking his youthful erect cock. She sandwiched his prick between her breasts, giving him a titty wank which almost made him cum, such was his excitement at being handled by such an attractive lady.

He was full of compliments about her Ladyship as she rubbed the end of his cockhead, sticky with pre-cum, over the storks of her hard nipples.

Yes, it was very fortunate for him to have been sent to Lady Sonia’s that morning, and to discover she had a taste for young men’s cocks!

See more of this spunky apprentice wanking over Sonia’s face and covering her glasses with his hot semen in this full-length movie ‘The Nineteen Year Old Electrician’.

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